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Tackle Bar Football (3rd & 4th Grade)

Why Tackle Bar?

This football season, we are excited to offer TackleBar Football to our 3rd and 4th graders.

This change is centered on addressing concerns surrounding tackle football and the ultimate safety of our athletes while encouraging increased participation in our youth football program.  This Fall will be the fourth season TackleBar Football has been in play, and they have helped increase participation, while providing a safer football option, for kids across the country.

TackleBar Football is the ideal transition between flag football and tackle football, and it is a safer approach to the game that preserves the tradition and spirit of the sport.  Players wear traditional football equipment, plus a TackleBar harness that holds two foam bars across the lower back.  The defender must track and engage the ball carrier with proper form tackling technique, then wrap the ball carrier and rip the bar from the harness.  With this approach, players stay on their feet rather than taking the ball carrier to the ground.

The TackleBar harness teaches proper form tackling technique and skill development.

TackleBar Benefits:

  • Decreases injuries by reducing big hits and high impact collisions
  • Teaches proper tackling technique
  • Ideal transition between flag football and tackle football
  • Increases participation, eases player and parent concern

TackleBar Football is endorsed by the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Youth.  Football Coaches Association, and was a finalist at the NFL’s 1st and Future program.   

Our ultimate goal is to keep the athletes we currently have participating in football, while continuing to bring new athletes into our program. We want to respond to the parents who want two things: I want my child to be safe, and I want my child to enjoy learning to play football. We strongly believe strongly we are accomplishing both of these objectives with TackleBar.  

To learn more about TackleBar Football and to see videos of it in action, you can visit  We look forward to rolling out this program in the Fall as a way to encourage participation while providing our kids a safer option to play this game they love.  We are excited to offer this program for our kids.