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ERAA Track & Field

General Information

East Ridge Athletic Association (ERAA) Track & Field supports the development of area youth runners through training and competition--and facilitates their growth into high school athletes. Recommended age range is from age 7 to 18. 

Track & Field can be the root of fitness in many sports and can afford habits that promote good health for a lifetime.  Our program will teach fundamental skills for sprints, distance, and jumping. There are no attendance boundaries to participate in the program.

Note - this program is not through the high school and not through the middle school.  It is a separate youth track & field program which begins the middle of April and continues through the end of July. 

ERAA Track & Field

2020 East Ridge Athletic Assoc. (ERAA) Track Program

The 2020 Track and Field season has been cancelled.   Unfortunately, we have made the tough decision to cancel the season due to the challenges associated with COVID - 19.  Refunds will be provided for those that had already signed up.

We are hopeful to see you all back for another fun spring and summer of youth track and field in 2021! There will be a great schedule of events for all T&F athletes. 

We are always looking for assistant coaches and other team support.  Our program exists and is stronger from parent volunteers; please contact me if you are interested to get involved!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Activities to stay in shape over the summer

We are all in the same position and are looking for things to do to keep our kids active.  Here are a few ideas you can use to simulate a portion of what we would do for practice.  Please make sure to adhere to the social distancing practices and do these as a family.  

1. Grab a parent/guardian and go for a run.  If you are  a distance runner going for a steady 2-3 mile run is great.  If you are more of a sprinter or mid distance runner you could do a similar distance but break it up into intervals with walking and higher speed running.

2. Find a longer hill and do hill runs.  In this situation it is best to run up the hill and walk down.  Repeat 8-12 times.  Make sure to warm up a little before and it is always good to stretch when you are done.

3. If you have a sidewalk that is lined with power poles or street lights you can use them as distance markers.  If they are spaced out too far use other items like street signs, benches, fire hydrants, etc.  These are great ways to do sprint workouts.  Choose the closest landmark and do one sprint, walk back.  Choose another landmark that is further and sprint to it with a walk back.  Continue this increasing the distance by 30-50 yards each time.  Go up in distance 4-5 times and then decrease those distances in reverse order.  Please make sure to jog some to warm up before and stretch to cool down after.

Gabe Karber

Track & Field Board Director

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