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ERAA Baseball

ERAA Baseball Fall/Winter Training for Hitters

Hosted by Coach Brian Sprout (East Ridge High School Varsity Coach, Former Professional Player with the St. Paul Saints, LA Dodgers, and others)

30 Minute Mechanical Hitting Sessions

Includes work on stance, grip, body movement, and bat path consistency.  This work will include tee and toss drills that focus on small movements and ideas.  It will build muscle memory so that, when baseball starts in the spring, players will be in a good spot to hit batting practice and live pitching with proper mechanics.  

He has been teaching hitting mechanics for over 19 years with players of all ages (with constant adaptations and adjustments along the way from all levels of baseball that he has both played and coached at).  It is a focused effort that creates a short, consistent baseball swing and provides a player with the ability to hit the ball to all fields the correct way.  


Coach Sprout works on these tee and toss drills both in the garage and basement at his house in Woodbury.  (while it isn't a high level hitting facility, the space is perfect for these drills and the coach/player ratio is 1:1 with constant attention to detail)

The recommendation is that most hitters going through this mechanical work can see consistent muscle memory with 8-10 30 minute sessions.  These can be set up with Coach Sprout by contacting and arranging as it works within your schedules.  Availability starts right now and runs through mid March. Once the spring season starts the hope is that players will be outside with their teams and can contact Coach Sprout as needed for further work. 

$20 per 30 minute session  

Please email Coach Sprout to set up or to ask further questions.  

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