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Tackle Football (5th - 8th Grade)

Season Information


  • 5th – 6th will practice up to 3 days per week; typically Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings for 90 minutes. We know that other things may come up so the coach may adjust the practice schedule at times to accommodate the most kids. The coach will communicate the schedule each week
  • Evening of August 2 will be the initial practice; an entire grade may practice together this initial night to do player evaluations and ensure equitable teams are formed. (the locations and times of the first practice will be shared in the next week)
  • Once the teams are formed families will hear from their head coach. Each head coach will have between 2 to 4 assistants to help execute practice/game plans and ensure the development of every player
  • Games typically will be on Saturdays with the 1st game of the season planned for August 21. There may be 1 week night game (W or R) under the lights during the season.
  • The game schedule will be available the week of August 9


  • 7th – 8th will practice up to 4 nights per week for no more than 120 minutes
  • Families will hear from their head coach during the week of July 12
  • Head coaches will communicate the date and time of the team’s 1st practice and the subsequent practice schedule
  • Games will be on Sundays with the 1st game of the season planned for August 29
  • The game schedule will be available during the week of August 9


  • For families who are new to the ERAA football program or who want to better understand the One East Ridge mission and vision, please join the optional parent meeting Monday, July 19 from 7-8pm.  It will be a zoom -
  • We will talk about the upcoming season, rules and answer any questions. 



  • Reminders for Mini-Camp July 19 - 21; 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm at The Nest
  • Equipment Fitting/Distribution July 19 - 21; 3:00pm to 6:00pm and July 22; 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Health East Miracle Field. 
  • If you signed up to volunteer for equipment distribution please fill out the form -

Trusted Coaches

ERAA uses Trusted Coaches Training - Woodbury, MN

ERAA Youth Football requires every Head coach and Assistant Coach complete the Trusted Coaches training. 

Coaches will be able to complete these online courses in their own home and at their own pace. Coaches will be placed on our national registry once they have completed all the courses assigned to them.

The benefits of Trusted Coaches that help promote 100% compliance for an entire organization include:

  • helping coaches minimize the risk of harm or injury to young athletes.
  • providing information about fundamental coaching concepts which enhance volunteer coaches’ effectiveness.
  • presenting a “one-stop shop” for youth associations to deliver best practices training to their coaches.
  • offering an online repository capable of keeping track of coaches’ certifications and renewal dates – easily checked by associations and parents.

More on Trusted Coaches here