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ERAA Basketball Shot Club 2021


Once open, make a copy to save in Google Sheets or download as an Excel file. Email completed shot tracker to by Sept. 6 and include your shirt size


We are excited to launch another year of our ERAA off-season shooting program, which will run from April 1 through August 31, 2021. All current and incoming ERAA basketball players are invited and encouraged to participate!

Our Shot Club is not just about getting up shots. It’s about making shots — specifically, making game shots from game spots at game speed. A shooting warmup and seven different shooting workouts are detailed in the spreadsheet above. These workouts provide a great framework for developing your shooting skills. The spreadsheet also contains a daily tracker to monitor your progress. Email completed shot club trackers to Derek Simmons at by Sept. 6 (don’t forget your shirt size!).

We have three levels of shot club membership:

K-2nd grade: 1,000 shots made

3rd-5th grade: 5,000 shots made

6th-8th grade: 10,000 shots made

2021 Shot Club members will receive a long sleeve shooting shirt, and will be introduced at halftime of an East Ridge varsity high school game (if we're allowed to do that this season).

Begin by evaluating your shooting mechanics, as bad shooting habits are difficult to unlearn. The video and text links below provide guidance on shooting mechanics: 

Proper Shooting Form

Beginner’s guide


About “perfect” shooting form

Additional Shooting Workout Details

For grades K-5th, use the provided warm-up and workouts as a guide. Modify as needed based on age, ability and shooting range. Shooting out of your range can lead to poor mechanics. Start in close and work your way out. See the resources below for more information:

How to increase your range

Six easy shooting drills

Five shooting mistakes and how to fix them

For grades 6th-8th, use the warm-up and workouts as directed. Going through the first few sessions will take some time. Once you develop a rhythm, you will progress more quickly through the workouts. For shot tracking, do not count shots made at camp or from summer team practices. Use the workouts — they will help you get better as a shooter, improve your conditioning, and help you excel at shooting while fatigued. Just like a game. If you find yourself getting bored with the workouts, remember repetition is key. Find ways to challenge yourself, like timing your workouts to see if you can complete them in less time. Compete with a friend, sibling, parent, or teammate.

About the warm-up:

A variation of Jay Wright’s “Get 50,” this warmup emphasizes form shooting from close range, focusing on mechanics and proper technique. Do this warm-up as much as you like, but only count 50 makes per session toward your 10,000.

About the workouts:

There are seven workouts that include a Mikan series, catch and shoot, finishing at the rim, dribble drive jump shots, a 3-pointer series, a jab series, and a flash and face up series. All workouts include free throws, and it’s best to shoot those when you are tired to simulate a game. These workouts will get you moving. They will help with conditioning and footwork. And they all include videos to help you get started.

Here are two resources for extra drills: 

East Ridge High School workouts

More shooting drills

Shooting is an important part of the game. Everyone loves to score. But don’t ignore all the other areas of development this summer. You should also be working on ball handling, conditioning, defense, footwork, rebounding, passing and so on.

If you have questions or would like feedback during the summer, reach out to ERAA player development director Derek Simmons at

@landof10000makes on Instagram