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ERAA Volleyball Board Members

Welcome New Board Members / Open Positions

Welcome to our new Board Members!

Director - Sheri Rylicki

Assistant Director - Scott Kadlec

Treasurer - Sheri Rylicki

Uniform Coordinator - Todd Yell

Equipment Coordinator - Katie Mueller

Secretary - Melissa Bailey

Scheduler - Julie Olson

In House Coordinator - Open

We are still looking for a few people to join our board.  If you love volleyball and want to help us grow our program, please contact us at!

Sheri Rylicki


Scott Kadlec

Assistant Director

Sheri Rylicki


Melissa Bailey


Katie Mueller

Equipment Coodinator

Todd Yell

Uniform Coordinator

Carl Gillen

Marketing, Communications, PR & ERAA web content

Phone: 651-503-2991


In House Corrdinator

Julie Olson