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ERAA Track & Field

ERAA Track & Field 2017

2018 ERAA Track Program: Practice start date Is TBD

Practice Days and times and Location will vary due to track availability. Due to track availability with high school sports is extremely limited, we must secure other locations as well for track practice.  

SAVE $$ at Run n' Fun (St Paul and Woodbury locations). You will receive a 20% discount if you tell them you are on East Ridge track club. You get the discount on your running shoes and/or  track spikes. This discount may not apply to sale items.

We are excited for another fun year of competitive track and field in 2018! Did you know that the AAU Jr Olympics is being held in Des Moines, Iowa in 2018? That's right, driving distance for our club!! The USATF Jr Olympics is being held in Greensboro, North Carolina.So if you have that competitive edge and want to travel the road to Nationals, then let's go!

There are no attendance boundaries to participate in the ERAA Track & Field (ERAATF) program. With ERAATF, our volunteer coaches will teach fundamental skills for running and jumping. ERAATF supports the development of area runners through training and competition--and facilitates their growth into high school athletes. Track & Field can be the root of fitness in many sports and can afford habits that promote health for a lifetime.

Track Practice & Meet CalendarWe are now using the TeamSnap app to provide emails to the team and to notify of upcoming practices and meets. TeamSnap will provide the complete and up-to-date practice and meet schedule. The Calendar is maintained on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to check it regularly. Cancellations will also be noted on the Calendar.

Sheryll Clark

Track & Field Board President

Practice Gear Details
Clothing Bring weather-appropriate attire. It may feel warm at home, but it is typically cooler and the wind can be more noticeable at the track. It is best to wear layers such as shorts and t-shirt with a warm up.
Running Shoes Good running shoes are a must. Running shoes that provide good arch support and fit well are very important to help prevent injuries.
Track Spikes Spikes are not required. If you choose to use spikes, please bring them to practices at ERHS stadium track. Spikes will not be worn at other practice locations.
Sunblock It is best to wear at least SPF 15 or greater. Lather up, even on cloudy days.
Hydration It is very important to stay well hydrated. Always bring water to practice. Please label your water bottle with your name.


Athletes typically love to practice in rain or shine. However, ERAATF follows the City of Woodbury's decision about field closures (this includes the tracks). In case of inclement weather or field closure by the City of Woodbury, ERAATF will post a cancellation notice on the ERAA Track & Field Calendar at least 1 hour prior to start time. Parents are requested to check the ERAATF Calendar on a regular basis.


Track meets start in May and continue into late July. Participation in meets are optional. ERAATF participates in 2 levels of meets:

  • Non-sanctioned (Rec-level) Meets: These track meets are open to all ERAATF athletes and do not require athletic membership with AAU or USATF in order to participate. Examples include: St. Louis Park Opener, Track MN Invitational, WAA Youth Meets, Stillwater Community Ed Meets. 
  • Sanctioned Meets (AAU and USATF): The opportunity to participate in USATF or AAU sponsored competition requires athletic membership in these organizations. These competitions offer State, Regional, and National competitive opportunities. In order to advance to the next round of competition at these meets, the athlete must qualify. 

AAU and USATF Information

Youth competitions typically take place in one-year or two-year age divisions. These age divisions provide young athletes the opportunity to compete with other athletes of similar ability. 

In order to compete at AAU or USATF State/Regionals/Nationals the athlete needs to be a member of their organizations.  When you sign up, please make sure to associate with ERAA track club (see club numbers in table below).

ERAA Track Club #
USATF 30-0419
AAU Age Division 2018
8 & Under 2010+
9 years 2009
10 years 2008
11 years 2007
12 years 2006
13 years 2005
14 years 2004
15-16 years 2002-2003
17-18 years 2000-2001
USATF Age Division 2018
8 & Under 2010+
9-10 years 2008-2009
11-12 years 2006-2007
13-14 years 2004-2005
15-16 years 2002-2003
17-18 years 2000-2001

USA Track and Field MN

Get Membership to USA Track & Field here

Amateur Athletic Union Track and Field

Get membership and information about regional and National Competitions.

Track & Field Board & Coaching

We are looking for those who are interested in getting involved in the Track & Field Board and also ASSISTANT COACHES.  The program cannot exist without the help of parent volunteers.

The following offices will be open during the next election: Facilities Coordinator, & General Board Member.

If you are interested in submitting a nomination for one of the offices above or assist with coaching, please contact

ERAA Track Club: 2017 Performance Results

Click on the links below to view 2018 posted results:  

Park Flyers Youth Opener (Rec Meet):  TBD

Track MN Open Invitational (Rec Meet): TBD

USATF Road to Nationals (Sanctioned Meets):TBD

AU Road to Nationals (Sanctioned Meets):TBD